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Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN Program Requirements

The Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN Program requires a minimum of 120 credits:

  • 60 credits in general education and nursing prerequisites earned prior to acceptance
  • 60 credits in W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing credits

General Education and Nursing Prerequisite Requirements
The 60-credit requirement in general education and nursing prerequisites ensure all candidates have a broad background in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences/mathematics, and a foundation for professional nursing requirements and graduate study.

All general education and nursing prerequisite credits must be completed prior to acceptance to the program. In addition, all science prerequisites must have been taken within five years prior to the start of program and reflect a grade of B or better for each course. General education and nursing prerequisites include:

General Education Requirements Credits
Intellectual and Practical Skills 15
  • English Composition 1 (ENC-101)
Writing Intensive Coursework  
  • English Composition II (ENC-102)
Statistics (3)
General Electives in this area


Personal and Social Responsibility 9
Ethics (3)
Introduction to Sociology (3)
Personal & Social Responsibility Electives (3)
Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World 24
Introduction to Psychology (3)
Developmental Psychology/Lifespan (3)
Anatomy & Physiology with Lab (8)
Microbiology with Lab (4)
Chemistry (3)
Nutrition (3)
General Education Electives 12
Total 60


Professional Nursing Requirements

The 60 credit nursing requirement includes 35 credits of classroom - based courses including clinical experiences, and 25 credits of online nursing courses.  All nursing courses will be completed through the W. Cary Edwards School of Nursing. These courses will be taken as a fulltime student and cannot be taken out of sequence. Because of the rigorous nature of the program, outside employment is not recommended.

Classroom - Based Courses
NUR-320 Introduction to Professional Nursing 7 credits
NUR-328 Health Assessment/ Health Promotion 3 credits
NUR-400 Nursing Care Across the Lifespan 8 credits
NUR-410 Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations 8 credits
NUR-420 Integrating Advanced Nursing Concepts 9 credits


Online Courses
NUR-340 Nursing Informatics 3 credits
NUR-342 Advancing Nursing Practice 3 credits
NUR-418 Nursing Research 3 credits
NUR-428 Leadership and Management in Nursing 3 credits
NUR-443 Public Health Nursing 3 credits
NUR-445 Validating Nursing Competence 4 credits
NUR-529 Health Policy* 3 credits
NUR-531 Nursing Informatics Concepts and Issues* 3 credits


*Two graduate courses, NUR-529 Health Policy, and NUR-531 Nursing Informatics Concepts and Issues, will be completed by all BSN degree students as part of the professional nursing requirements. These six graduate credits will apply to MSN degree requirements at Thomas Edison State University on acceptance to that degree program. Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN students may apply to the MSN program after successful completion of the BSN program and passing the NCLEX.

Progression and Graduation Requirements

  • In addition to course exams, clinical requirements and other assignments, students will be required to take a subject matter HESI exam in each of the classroom-based clinical theory courses. Only one course in the program may be repeated one time. A second failure in any course will result in dismissal from the program.
  • Students are expected to comply with all clinical guidelines and performance requirements set forth in the Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN Program Student Handbook. Any breach of clinical policy may result in dismissal from the program. Students must also be able to meet all the essential requirements of the clinical program.
  • A criminal background check, drug screen, health and immunization verification, malpractice and health insurance, and CPR certification are required prior to the onset of the first course. Students must pass the criminal background check in order to sit for NCLEX as per NJ Board of Nursing regulation.


Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN Program

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Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN Handbook

Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN Handbook

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