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Adult learners need flexibility, excellence and value. Thomas Edison State University offers a range of tuition plans so you can select one that is right for you. Learn more.

Thomas Edison State University is ready to offer you the financial aid help you need. Get started in one of our tuition plans.

Selecting the right tuition plan should be based on how many courses you plan to complete in a given year.

Students who earn more than 24 credits in a year (eight courses) get the most value from our Comprehensive Tuition Plan, which enables students to earn up to 36 credits in a 12-month period for one price that includes all student fees.

Students who pursue their degree on more of a part-time basis and earn less than 24 credits in a year (eight courses or less) get a better value from our Enrolled Options Plan, which enables students to enroll and pay for courses at their own pace on a per-credit basis. This option does include required fees.

As one of New Jersey's 12 public institutions of higher learning, Thomas Edison State University students who reside in New Jersey benefit from in-state tuition rates.


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