This Year's Presentations

Here is a look at the scheduled presentations at this year's National Institute. (Presentations are subject to change.)

Looking Deeper into PLA and Persistence – A Single Institution's Case Study

Presenters:  Nan Travers
Bernard Smith
Leslie Ellis
Joan Johnsen
Amanda Treadwell

All of SUNY Empire State College

PLA and Beyond: Strong Industry and Academic Partnerships Provide Solutions to Persistence Problems

Presenters:  Khamel Abdulai, Excelsior College
Tanya Scime, Excelsior College

Implementing PLA - Navigating the Rocky Shores of the Academy!

Presenters:  Mary Beans, South Seattle College
Victoria Hardy, South Seattle College

Retention Strategies for Prior Learning Programs

Presenters:  Ingrid Bracey, UMass
Theresa Hoffmann, PLA Consulting
Pamela Hamilton, James Madison University
Lisa Mathason, Bucks County College

Overcoming Obstacles in Writing Successful PLA Essays

Presenters:  Thomas Brady
Leslie Ellis
Renata Kochut
Linda Treinish

All of SUNY Empire State College

Using Process Improvement Guidelines to Engage Adult Learners in the Prior Learning Process and Improve Candidate Portfolio Performance

Presenters:  Ray Francis, Central Michigan University
Mark Deschaine, Central Michigan University

Living Up to the Promise: A Risk/Benefit Analysis of Portfolio Assessment

Presenters:  Jessica Kindred, College of New Rochelle
Alan Mandell, SUNY Empire State College

Authenticity, Efficiency and Affordability: How CBE Hybrid Programs Foster Student Success

Presenters:  David Lungren, Collegis Education
Elisabeth Murfield, Rasmussen College

Prior Learning Assessment in the Colorado Community College System: Then and Now

Presenters:  Heather A. McKay, Rutgers University
Bitsy Cohn, Colorado Community College System

An Assessment Guide for Professional and Workplace Learning

Presenters:  Jeanine Nagrod, Thomas Edison State University
Regina Riccioni, Union County College

Obstacles for Competency-Based Education Programs of the Future

Presenters:  Steve Phillips, Thomas Edison State University

Collaboration, Compromise & Consensus: System-level Approaches to Prior Learning Assessment

Presenters:  Christina Sedney, WICHE
Bitsy Cohn, Colorado Community College System
John Cech, Montana University System

Policy and Practice: An Inside Look at Institutional Perspectives

Presenters:  Nan Travers, SUNY Empire State College
Joel Paula, University of Hawai'I Community Colleges
Sherwood Taylor, Atlantic Cape Community College

The Relationship between Prior Learning Assessment and Competency-Based Education

Presenters:  Dorothy Wax, CAEL
Chari Leader-Kelley, CAEL

Authenticity for Assurance and Accountability

Presenters:  Gretchen Wilbur, DePaul University

The Rise of 'Alt Credit': Why, Who and What's Next

Presenters:  Burck Smith, StraighterLine

Meeting Students Where They Are; Shifting academic, financial and student support service programs.

Presenters:  Dennis Devery, Thomas Edison State University

Perspectives on Alternative Methods of Earning Credit

Presenters:  Rachael Cooper
Steve Phillips
Emily Carone
Antoinette Lewis

All of Thomas Edison State University

Creating Shared Standards around the Review of Non-collegiate Instruction

Presenters:  Jeanine Nagrod
Melissa DeBlois
Elizabeth Gauffreau
Tanya Scime
Nan Travers
Linda Wilder

All of CACE

Standing on Common Ground: Enhancing the Prior Learning Assessment Experience through Partnership and Service

Presenters:  Lindsay H. Rice, Wilmington University
Lauren M. Haas, Wilmington University

Adult Literacy: The Gate-Keeper Skill in Higher Education

Presenters:  Harry Hall, Indiana Wesleyan University
Jeffrey Boyce, Indiana Wesleyan University

You don't fatten a pig by weighing it

Presenters:  Jennifer Cunningham, University of Phoenix

Sharing Retention Efforts for Prior Learning Programs: Creating a Toolbox (Roundtable)

Presenters:  Ingrid Bracey, UMass
Theresa Hoffmann, PLA Consulting
Pamela Hamilton, James Madison University
Lisa Mathason, Bucks County College

Competency-Based Prior Learning Assessment in an Online Degree-Completion Program in Arkansas

Presenters:  Jeff Aulgur
Annette Stuckey
Jennifer Saxton

All of Arkansas Tech University

PLA Practitioner Certification from the National Institute

Presenters:  Todd Siben, Thomas Edison State University

The Hybrid Program Design (Roundtable)

Presenters:  Gregory Austin, Lincoln College of New England
Cherry Karl, Lincoln College of New England

The Finish Line Program and Saylor Academy: A Partnership Utilizing OER to Help Stop-Outs Return to Finish Their Degree

Presenters:  Tracy Robinson, University of Memphis
Devon Ritter, Saylor Academy