Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday, June 7, 9:30am - 4:00pm

Alan Mandell
College Professor of Adult Learning and Mentoring
SUNY Empire State College

Theresa Hoffmann
Consultant, PLA Consulting
Former Director and Collegiate Associate Professor
of University of Maryland University College Prior Learning Program and PLA Mentor, Thomas Edison State University

Prior Learning Assessment Theory and Practice:
The Essentials for New (and More Experienced) Practitioners

This preconference workshop is designed for participants who are new to PLA as well as for experienced practitioners who want to re-examine the “essentials.” The workshop will focus on “best PLA practices” and on gaining information and insight that can strengthen PLA institutional activities.

This day-long workshop will provide participants with an overview of the tools one needs to be a successful PLA practitioners, including how to help students identify and describe their learning, setting standards and procedures for assessing learning, and thinking about institutional models that can ensure overall quality of PLA.

Throughout the day, participants will be able to ask questions, share their program models, reflect on their PLA-related experiences, and voice their concerns about prior learning assessment. At its core, this workshop will respond to the questions and concerns of participants. Sessions throughout the National Institute will build upon the work that we will begin in this preconference.

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