Courses Approved for the Air Force GEM Program

Online courses listed below offered by Thomas Edison State University may be used to satisfy up to 15 credits of general education requirement for an Associate in Applied Science degree at the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) through the Air Force General Education Mobile (GEM) Program. Students are required to complete one course from at least one of the general education areas, depending on the requirements remaining to complete their Community College of the Air Force degree.

CCAF General Education Requirements Semester Hours/ Credits Thomas Edison State University Online Courses
Written Communications 3 ENC-101 English Comp. I
Mathematics 3 MAT-115 Intermediate Algebra
MAT-105 Applied Liberal Arts Math
MAT-121 College Algebra
Social Sciences 3 PSY-101 Intro. to Psychology
SOC-101 Intro. to Sociology
SOC-210 Marriage and the Family
PSY-211 Developmental Psychology
HIS-101 Western Civ. I
HIS-113 American History I
POS-110 American Gov't
Humanities 3 HUM-101 Humanities
ART-100 A World of Art
LIT-111 American Lit. I
PHI-286 Contemporary Ethics I
Oral Communications 3 COM-209 Public Speaking


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