7 Easy Timesaving Hacks to Start Doing Today

Posted Tuesday, January 28, 2014

There is time for everything.”

– Thomas A. Edison


Sure, easy for him to say. He was the poster boy for productivity. But things have certainly changed since Edison’s time. Our daily distractions have doubled, even tripled in the past 100 years. Text messages, emails and screeching calls of “Mom!” seem to follow you wherever you go. You have an official second job running “Dad’s Taxi Service” to soccer practices, music lessons and

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5 Powerful Pearls of Wisdom From Our Students and Alumni for 2014

Posted Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Juggling family and career responsibilities can be quite the balancing act. Add in the pursuit of a degree and it may seem overwhelming. But it is possible. Looking back upon this past year, we’ve seen students overcome insurmountable odds and brave new challenges to fulfill their educational goals and dreams.

With every New Year come new resolutions and new ambitions, and our students offer some of the most encouraging and invaluable suggestions to usher in 2014 as the year of accomplishments.

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