The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Finding Military Financial Aid and Scholarships

Posted Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whether its preparing for a civilian career, frequent deployments, advancing your rank, earning your degree while serving your country, figuring out your GI Bill benefits or navigating the challenges of having a family member on active duty… there’s a lot to handle if you are a member of the United States military, a military spouse or veteran. This leaves you little or no time to identify scholarships or financial assistance.

Getting the financial aid you deserve can prove tricky to find, but there are an increasing number of scholarship opportunities and support available to service members, veterans and their families. For instance, did you know there are scholarships available for grandchildren of military members? Even specialized scholarships for each branch of the United States military?

So, if you are ready to further your education and reach your goals, read on to discover 17 resources and organizations that support veterans, military members and/or their families with the financial aid and scholarships that commitment and service to our Nation deserves:

The American Legion offers scholarships to children of members of the armed forces who are looking to pursue a college degree. In addition, the American Legion offers general, nonmilitary-based scholarships for students pursuing nursing degrees, students involved in outside organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, and more.

AMVETS (American Veterans) has scholarships available for active duty and guard/reserves military members and veterans. Children and grandchildren are eligible to apply for scholarships distinctive from those available for service members themselves.

Disabled American Veterans provides aid and financial assistance to disabled veterans and their families. Scholarships and grant opportunities are available to those who qualify.

Paralyzed Veterans of America assists military members and veterans who have become paralyzed, as well as spouses or children under the age of 24, who are dependent upon a paralyzed veteran.

Veterans of Foreign Wars conducts an annual, audio-essay college scholarship contest entitled “Voice of Democracy” for high school students. connects military members with the Military Tuition Assistance Program, which covers a majority, if not all, of a service member’s degree and tuition expenses.

USAA Educational Foundation offers multiple scholarship and financial aid opportunities, as well as financial aid planning, for those who have served, continue to serve and their families.

American Red Cross supports America’s military families each and every day by offering financial assistance and aid through donations and funds collected by the organization.

USA Cares exists to provide financial support and stability for service members by offering grants to help with financial needs during a financial crisis.
ThanksUSA has awarded more than $10 million in scholarships to deserving and hardworking members of the armed forces and their dependents through funds donated to their scholarship program.

Health Professions Scholarship Program through the U.S. Army offers qualifying students full tuition for any accredited medical program, plus a generous monthly stipend of more than $2,000. Scholarship Finder offers a comprehensive, user-friendly search engine to narrow down thousands of scholarship opportunities that match your qualifications.

National Military Family Association awards scholarships for military spouses of all uniformed service members. Scholarship winners can use the funds towards professional certifications, undergraduate and graduate degrees, licensure fees, tuition and more, so that they can better contribute to their family’s financial security.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation provides several need-based scholarships in honor of Marines and Navy Corpsmen from all conflicts and wars by educating their children.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society offers financial assistance for children and spouses of active duty and retired sailors and marines who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in the teaching profession or a medical-related field.

Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) Education Foundation supports Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel and their families with scholarships to afford service members and veterans the opportunity to attend accredited colleges and universities as full-time students.

Air Force Association provides degree-focused scholarships and grants for U.S. Air Force personnel and their spouses to pursue associate/bachelor undergraduate or graduate/postgraduate degrees. Recipients are selected based upon academic standards, good character, financial need and field of study.

There are many scholarships that recognize the service and sacrifice of active duty service members, veterans and their families. An additional resource is Scholarship and Financial Aid Explorer, which contains unbiased, comprehensive information to help you identify local and regional financial aid opportunities that best fit your personal educational goals.

For more information and sources on military scholarships, applications and eligibility requirements, visit the College’s Military Scholarships page.

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