College Prepares Move to Cloud-Based Learning Management System

Posted Thursday, October 04, 2012

20 Courses in Nov. 2012 Term Part of Pilot for the New System

Thomas Edison State University is preparing to launch a new learning management system that provides better navigation for students in their course spaces and greater flexibility and efficiency for the development, design and delivery of new courses. The new system, based on the Moodle platform, utilizes cloud-based technology and better positions the University to leverage the latest technology to provide a richer educational experience for our students.

Watch a video tour and orientation of the new system and course space.

moodle orientationThe University is running a pilot featuring 20 courses in the November 2012 term that are being offered in the new learning management system, including:

  • AOJ-102-OL: Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • APS-302-OL: Customer Service: A Practical Approach
  • ART-100-OL: A World of Art
  • BIO-101-OL: Introductory Biology
  • COM-339-OL: The Story of Human Language
  • EAS-101-OL: General Earth Science
  • ELE-211 OL: DC Circuits
  • ENG-298-OL: Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice
  • MAN-311-OL: Organizational Behavior
  • MAR-335-OL: New Product Development and Marketing
  • MAT-231-OL: Calculus I
  • MAT-232-OL: Calculus II
  • MAT-331-OL: Calculus III
  • MAT-332-OL: Calculus IV
  • NUC-365-OL: Reactor Fundamentals
  • REL-275-OL: Introduction to Islam
  • SOC-384-OL: Gangs
  • SOS-110-OL: Living in the Information Age
  • SOS-360-OL: Games People Play: Game Theory in Life, Business, and Beyond
  • SOS-440-OL: Terrorism

The University, which is also running a pilot featuring seven courses offered in the new system in the Sept. 2012 term, looks forward to receiving feedback on the new learning management system from students who participate in the pilot. The University plans to fully implement the new learning management system for all courses in 2013. Once fully implemented, one of the major benefits of the new system will be a single sign-on for students to access courses, Online Student Services and the myEdison® student portal. In addition, students will be able to access entire courses using mobile devices, such as tablets, e-readers and smartphones.

In addition to the orientation video, you are encouraged to view an interview with Matthew Cooper, associate provost for Learning and Technology, who discusses the new learning management system and what students can expect. Additionally, the University has prepared a Q & A for students to help make them more familiar with the system prior to its full implementation and created a Moodle Video Help Site that provides additional resources to assist students and mentors with the new learning management system.

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Jacquie Wright 03/22/13 10:08 AM

I DO NOT like this new Moodle program. there are always errors in trying to get the site to work and once your in Moodle the site just doesn't function well. its hard to find stuff on the site. please go back to blackboard!

Joe 01/30/13 12:06 AM

I agree with John. The ability to merge all assignment due dates into the calendar would be a huge convenience! As it is now, I take the time to create my own calendar and put all assignments on the calendar I create. I keep it posted up on the wall beside my computer so I can see when any assignment for any class is due, on any given day without having to bounce between several different pages. Please, please take our advice and work out a solution to make this possible!!! Thanks in advance!!

John Kitchen 12/04/12 8:41 PM

I am working between 50-60 hrs a week, and taking 3-4 classes a semester. Right now, the system provides no method for tracking all of your assignments for all classes. I have so many projects/assignments going at any given time, I have to open up the class calendar, open up the info on the calendar weeks to match the weeks with the day, then open up my grades pages on each individual course to see which assignments I need to do. It would be very convenient if the system would integrate the assignments with your calendar, and displayed all grades/assignments from one screen. It would be extremely beneficial if the main welcome page displayed any past due assignments and uncompleted assignments due with in 7 days - for all assignments. Due dates for assignments should be easily integrated into Google calendar, and when you complete an assignment a head of time, remove it from the calendar, or have some sort of assignment tracker that provides the assignment information (due dates, completion status, etc...) for all classes.
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