Credit Hour Residency FAQs

What does a credit hour residency requirement mean?

Residency requirements are courses that you must complete at Thomas Edison State University. Residency requirements at Thomas Edison State University do not mean that you must physically come to the University or attend courses at any physical location.


Which enrollment plans require a credit hour residency?

Please note that students who are part of the tuition plans listed below must complete a credit hour residency requirement in order to graduate from Thomas Edison State University:

  • Per Credit Tuition Plan
  • Military Degree Completion Plan
  • Navy College Partnership Program
  • GoArmyEd/eArmyU Program


How do I know if my enrollment plan requires a credit hour residency?

To determine your enrollment plan, verify your "Student Status" in Online Student Services on your Student Profile page. If the code is one listed below, it relates to an enrollment plan with a credit hour residency requirement:

Per Credit Tuition Plan: NJ1TU, OS1TU, NJ4TU, OS4TU
Military Degree Completion Plan: MDAPP, MDCEN, MDIAC
Navy College Partnership Program: NCAPP, NCREN, NCIAC

Review Student Status


What is the credit hour residency requirement for these enrollment plans?

In order to satisfy the credit hour residency requirement, students pursuing an associate degree must earn twelve (12) semester hours of Thomas Edison State University credit, and students pursuing a baccalaureate degree must earn twenty-four (24) semester hours of Thomas Edison State University credit.


What courses count toward the credit hour residency requirement?

Thomas Edison State University (TESU) credit satisfies the residency and includes: Guided Study, Online/Nursing Online, Blended, e-Pack courses, TECEP exams and Portfolio Assessment.


How can I check the number of residency credit hours I have taken so far?

You can identify the courses that satisfy your credit hour residency in two separate places in Online Student Services. On your academic evaluation, courses that meet the credit hour residency requirement are courses that have no information in the “TESC #” and “Notes” columns (to the right of the course grade) are TESC courses.

academic evaluation

On your Unofficial Transcript, courses that meet the credit hour residency requirement are listed with a term associated with them.

Unofficial Transcript

Students are responsible for adhering to this policy. You may check your credit hour residency requirement and count of credits by contacting Academic Advising at Make sure you include your degree program (BA, AA, etc.) in the subject line of your email.

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