Prior Learning Assessment Registration

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Note: Students taking Individualized PLAs may not register online.

Stop! Do not register for a PLA course until you have reviewed the PLA Self-Assessment Guide.

This information is designed to help you determine, before you register, whether your prior learning is appropriate for this method of earning credit.

  1. Select a course.
    Choose either a Standard PLA or find an Individualized PLA course description from the University’s PLA Description Database at or from a regionally accredited college/university if the course you want is not in the University’s database. If you are an enrolled Thomas Edison State University student, it is recommended that you make sure a particular PLA fits your degree requirements by calling the Advisement Center toll free at (888) 442-8372. If you are enrolled in another institution, check to make sure the PLA fits your degree requirements and that PLA is accepted at your home institution.
  2. Register for the PLA.
    If you choose a Standard PLA, and you have made certain the PLA fits into your degree requirements, you may register as you would for any other Thomas Edison State University course. If you choose an Individualized PLA, you will need to propose the course by completing the Prior Learning Assessment Proposal Form. It is important to start this proposal process at least two weeks prior to the end of the registration period for a given semester, so that a mentor may be identified before the registration period ends. Unless a qualified mentor agrees to work with you by the end of the registration period, you may not be able to enroll for the Individualized PLA during the semester you desire. After you have made certain the PLA fits into your degree requirements, submit the PLA Portfolio Proposal Form for review, specifying the semester you are requesting. The form is available at You may also submit the PLA Proposal Form electronically by going to

    The PLA specialist and the dean of your School will determine whether the PLA you propose can be approved and activated. You will receive notification of the course code via e-mail indicating that you are cleared to register for your PLA as you would for any other Thomas Edison State University course.

    Receive confirmation of your registration from the Office of the Registrar. This communication will contain information about accessing your online PLA via myEdison®.
  3. Contact your mentor during the first week of the semester. The contact information is found in myEdison®. Please keep in mind that the PLA must be completed within the 12-week semester for which you are registered, unless a shorter period, no less than 30 days, is agreed upon between you and the mentor. Only one eight-week extension may be requested.