In order to apply for graduation, students must be within their enrollment year. When all degree requirements have been satisfied, students are required to apply for graduation by submitting the Request for Graduation form included in the Advisement and Degree Planning Handbook, along with the graduation fee to the Office of the Bursar. The form may also be found on the University website at A student does not automatically become a candidate for a degree.

To be considered for graduation, all academic requirements and financial obligations must have been met by the first day of the month two months prior to the graduation date. The official graduation months are March, June, September and December. Once the form and fee have been received and the Office of the Registrar has certified that all degree requirements and financial obligations have been met, the Office of the Registrar sends two official letters of degree certification to each graduate and degree seeking candidates’ names are presented to the Thomas Edison State University Board of Trustees for formal approval. Upon approval by the Board of Trustees, graduates receive written confirmation from the Office of the Registrar that the degree was conferred. Diplomas are ordered for each individual graduate and are mailed to graduates within two weeks of the graduation date.